A little about me

Who I am and what I do

Hello there! I'm Stewan, a 32-year-old software developer based in Espírito Santo, BR.

I'm currently working as a frontend engineer remotely for the amazing Alabama's startup @INFLCR where my role is to provide the best user experience for their apps.

Reach me out on @twitter or @github

Some milestones

Over my life
Hired to work remotely full time for the startup INFLCR
I launched my first online workshop in PT. During 5 days the "Semana do Angular" addressed Node, Typescript and Angular 4 while we built an entire PWA ecommerce.
Spoke in public for the very first time about the "Progressive Web Apps" in the same university where I was studying.
First international remote job. I entered a startup in the "Uber" style but aimed at the aviation market.
First international product for developers. The Firestask app is marketed in the largest marketplace on the planet for this industry.
Beginning of my BSc in Computer Science at the University of Vila Velha.
First major remote work developing a CRM for a startup in São Paulo.
Released the lib Angular Morris. From then on it has never been easier to work with angular charts.
First MEAN system - also for hiring - full javascript, from the client to the database. R.I.P PHP/MySQL. Welcome Angular, Node and MongoDB.
Joined Telexfree's ponzi scheme and developed my first bot for task automation. I never posted an ad manually 😝
I entered a local startup where I developed my first professional API (including docs) in PHP that was consumed by several devices.
First professional system (PHP/MySQL) for hiring. Rumors that it runs in production to date with more than 1 million records.

Some brands

I helped to grow